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Traditionally, overalls are the kind of garment that has been worn as protective clothing by workers of different fields. The purpose of wearing this kind of clothing was to protect the original clothes from getting spoiled while working in the workshop. They are also known as dungarees, bib-and-brace-overall, and many other names. This style of clothing style has gradually gained immense popularity in the fashion world, so much so that we are starting to see many celebrities and top stars wearing them as a head-turning outfit style. Many fashion brands have also launched their own styles of overalls on some of the most influential runways, which cemented them as a new unique new fashion trend that can easily be adopted as a street style.

Overalls- Fashion Favorites:

Overalls have been turned into a gorgeous fashion trend that can give you a break from the monotonous outfit styles and a look that is simple yet also head turning. They are one of the easiest outfit styles to wear and not much is needed to complete it as an adorable look. You can wear them while going for a fun day out, without having to worry about any wardrobe malfunction.  You can also team them up with a regular T-shirt and super-comfy sneakers to get a laid-back style.

Various Ways of Wearing Overalls:

Overalls are such a versatile piece of clothing that you have plenty of styling options while wearing them. The classy way of wearing them, is to pair them up with a stripped T-shirt and distressed denim jeans and finishing off the look with some comfy sneakers. It is as easy as that to put together a cute outfit with style as the stripped T shirt will effortlessly enhance the outfit. If you want to break the monotony, get an off- shoulder and bell sleeved shirt to pair with some Denim overalls. The sensational flair of the sleeves and the style of the shirt will work together perfectly while also making a statement as you step out into the crowds effortlessly and stylishly. You can opt for a white off the shoulder shirt for a subtle sleek look. For a crisp and sophisticated look, we recommend getting some all white overalls and wearing them a white button down shirt. The monochromatic trends will make you look stunning. If you want to try them as casual evening wear, you can try a black turtleneck shirt with some denim boyfriend overalls. If you properly add some accessories to this outfit, you will look as fashionable as a star.

Types of Overalls:

Just like many other trendy clothing, overalls are also available in various designs and styles. You can have a look at some of the most popular styles and select the ones that best your personality.

The Denim Overall

Boyfriend Overall

Wide-legged Overall

Cropped Denim Dungarees

Straight Legged Overall


Styling Tips on How To Best Wear Overalls:

Overalls can make you look highly fashionable and stylish without putting in much effort but there are many ways to style them accurately with the accessories. Here are some of the most important tips and tricks to keep in mind while styling any outfit with overalls:

  • Add feminine looking accessories to your overalls to enhance its cuteness. You can wear sparkling metal hoop earrings, gorgeous pendants or statement-making cuff bracelets to boost up its style and keep them looking fun and light.
  • Try to keep things simple and streamlined by wearing striped shirt with regular overalls but don’t be afraid to add a pop of color in the form of red shoes, vibrant earrings or a statement-making handbag.
  • For transforming it into workplace attire, wear a white button-down and keep things as simple, and subsequently, as elegant as you can.

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