Trench Coat Trend 2018 – Top Five Styling Tips to Wear Trench Coats

Some clothing items serve as wardrobe staples for almost any season,  such as  perfectly fitted Denim Jeans, gorgeous and super-comfy pumps, vibrant silk scarves and fabulous trench coats. Trench coats are the ideal piece of garment to complete your fashion statement in a slightly cold autumn breeze, unpredictable rainy days of spring or sunny winter day outs. Trench coats are available in various designs, sizes, and kinds of fabrics. Usually,  women with short height will look amazing in medium to short length trench coats, while taller women achieve a subtle grandeur and royalty with longer trench coats. Here we share all the trendy ways to style trench coats.


The Classy Way of Wearing Trench Coat:

The classic trench coat will look perfect if you have been careful in selecting the right size, shape and colors that complement your figure, for example shoulder and sleeve length must be accurate according to your size. You must also make sure that all the labels are according to your body shape. The classic style that a trench coat brings can easily be worn with almost any kind of formal outfit; the most popular colors and those we recommend to look for are beige, camel brown and grey.

The Stunning Casual Style:

If you want to achieve a cool laid-back effect, throw a trench coat over a pair of jeans and a sweater or your favorite T-shirt. You can tie the belt of the trench coat to get a perfect silhouette and don’t forget to wear stylish sneakers with the outfit to complete the look.

Statement Trench Coat:

Find a trench coat of your favorite vibrant color which can be a statement garment that will improve the overall look of any outfit. Aside from some classic colors of the trench coat, women also like to wear pastel, navy, burgundy and many more. You can wear solid colors such as a black or white dress and finish styling the look with your gorgeous statement trench coat. Do not forget to accessorize with this outfit to enhance the charming look; finish off the look with some stylish heels.


How to Style a Trench Coat as a Petite Women:

The reality is the trench coats are the kind of wardrobe staples that are for women of all shapes and sizes. The way to wear trench coats if you are a petite woman is by wearing coats of medium to short length which will look extremely stunning on any petite women. Knee-length trench coats are perfect for shorter women as they it will make them appear taller and more stylish. You can team the look up with skinny jeans or tights which will also make your legs look longer.

An Amazing Evening Outfit Style with Trench Coats:

Trench coats can complete evening party wear styles perfectly. All you need to do is wear a beautiful dress, embellished with lace and embroidery and pair it up with adarker toned trench coat. Velvet trench coats also look super stylish with party outfits in the autumn and winter seasons. You can always rock an amazing silk trench coat to add oomph to any regular party outfit. The sophisticated fabric of these trench coats make the outfit and you more elegant.


All Black Dress and Trench Coat:

There is something completely mesmerizing about an all black mid-length dress paired with a beige trench coat. You must try this look whenever you find yourself in a lazy mood and with not enough energy to think of any outfit ideas for a special event. Wear pearl jewelry and an elegant handbag to complete this highly sophisticated look.


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