Let’s Talk French: Giving Flowing Dresses a Romantic Form

A French femme is undoubtedly the most elegant and graceful being to walk the earth, and her beauty is not symbolic of her trends, accessories or labels, but in fact, her movements which exude a sensuality that is simplistic yet insanely charming.

This is a woman who is confident of her allure, and revels in the glamour of her own, unique sense of style. She gives little importance to fleeting fashion trends, and instead, stocks up her wardrobe with timeless fashions, and stuns with her cleverly styled ensembles consisting of basic clothing items. 

The streets of Paris, the most glamorous fashion capital of the world, will teach you the art of minimalism in a split second. And in this article, we will introduce you to the French woman’s take on styling flowing maxi dresses and romantic ensembles. 

Simple & Comfy 

French women like their everyday looks to be go-to statements that don’t take up too much time to create. A vibrant and romantic maxi dress, paired with a sleek pair of earrings, a delicate necklace and a crossbody bag is the most popular look on the streets of Paris. 

It allows a woman to ravish her curves and flaunt her sensuality without having to add or subtract too many clothes. Seal this look with a bright red lip, messy bedhead waves and a comfy pair of converse or sneakers that make you look confident and at ease.  

A Statement Piece

French women never go crazy for the hottest trends of the season, and they hardly pick up one or two items from the latest collections. Going crazy for fleeting trends is a very American thing to do, and the French believe in enjoying fashion without breaking the bank, like going bankrupt over a pair of shoes. 

The Parisienne way of styling a maxi dress for a formal or festive occasion would be pairing it up with a statement piece, which could be anything, a sultry pair of black Louboutins, a Fendi tote bag, a chunky Gucci belt, or even a Versace leather jacket. The trick is to light up the glamour with one signature label, and work its magic without crowding up your outfit. 



Show some Skin! 

The French women aren’t the least bit prudish when it comes to flaunting their skin, and their sexy confidence exudes from audaciously bold maxi dresses, featuring thigh-high slits and off-the-shoulder statements with deeply protruding V-necks. 

The Slip Dress

The ultimate styling staple to ravish the sensuality of your curves, a slip dress is by far the most indispensable and precious clothing item in a French woman’s wardrobe, and she can show you how to style it in a million different ways. 


Let’s have some fun. 🌹
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