Layering in style: What it means and how to do it?

Layering is the art of styling up an immaculate ensemble that isn’t the least bit crowded and makes a functional statement without shrouding up your personality. Despite being the simple act of sensibly putting together an attractive outfit, it often tends to appear as the most complicated challenge one has to undertake. 

Ladies, layering is all about using your aesthetic sense of style to create a functional, versatile and appealing outfit, and in this article, we will walk you through the basics of mastering this art.

Create a Base Layer 

The base layer refers to the inner most layer of your outfit, not your undergarments, but the layer above them. For instance, if you’re putting together a denim-and-tees outfit with a leather jacket, your basic t-shirt will be your base layer. It is always best to play with a thin layer that is understated and doesn’t grab much attention. The base layer should preferably be in a neutral shade, such as black, blue, white, brown, nudes and tans. It will help give the rest of your outfit a strong foundation to capture attention. 

Complement & Match 

Revolve the tones of your outfit around the base layer, don’t match up the same color, just make sure every color you add complements the tones of your base layer. You can always create a neutral, monotone outfit, or pair up contrasting shades that bring out the best in your base layer. 


Colors that Pop! 

Popping colors are always a great idea to brighten up your day, and your outfit, and we strongly urge you to pick out dark, bold and attention-grabbing colors for your top-most layer. This refers to the garment that will stand out in your outfit, for instance a dress, a blouse, a leather jacket, a blazer, or even a t-shirt. Use bold colors to seal your outfit with a powerful appeal. 




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