Autumn Winter 2018/2019 – What Fashion Trends you should be wearing!

Winter is headed our way and a change of season also means a change in Fashion. So, what do you think will become trendy in Clothing and Jewelry this winter? While it is important to stay warm in the cold weather, it is also important that you remember to have fun with colors and look your glamorous self. To that end, we have gathered here the latest in upcoming Women’s Fashion. Choose how you are going to celebrate your individuality while staying trendy:


Layer upon Layer

This fall/winter, layers won’t just keep you warm. They will also make you look fashionable! However, you will have to try harder than just putting on a great coat over your turtleneck to stay au courant. The layering techniques for the new season involve thinking out of the box. For instance, do you have any floral shirt Dresses? If you do, then you may want to layer it over an Long Black Dress ! Wearing a dress to work? Turn it into a skirt by layering it with a boxy sweater on top. 


Huge Puffer Coats

 Designer Clothing that makes the wearer look like a puffer fish or a fluffy marshmallow is in this season! In fact, fashionistas say the bigger puffer coat you can carry, the better. Can you see yourself emulating Rihanna? If you can, adopt her style of really long massive duets-like puffer coats. Not your thing? Then go down the New Kids On The Block route. Big boxy coats that are worn low on the back, and puffed collars.

Side Splits

Fashion experts can’t create enough Designer Clothes with sexy side splits! Thigh-high slits look quite dramatic on skirts – look at the Kardashians! So, show some skin this season. Whether you do it by wearing a dress with thigh-high slits or it’s with wide-leg trousers. 


Very Velvet

If there is one fabric in Women Clothing that screams royalty and sensuousness simultaneously, it is the velvet!  What’s more, in the coming seasons, this super soft material will continue to feature in wardrobes and fashion shows around the world. 






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