European Fashion Trends That American Customers Should Follow

Looking for fashion inspirations to redefine your style this season? Why not stalk European styles to accentuate your style. One thing you need to remember is that fashion is about composition and silhouette. Often, European fashion is very complicated in its delivery unlike American fashion that is very simple in its delivery. This is why we think that you should get some inspiration from Europe. The time has come to start planning what to retire from your summer wardrobe and what to keep. Here’s a list of top 4 European summer trends that you (as an American) should get some inspiration from.


You read it right. Checks, we may restrict to winters only, are on top in women’s fashion for summer. Check shirts, tops, and even tights are in, and you should totally go for it. Top European fashion labels have introduced checks into summer and they are here to stay. Burberry has reignited its classic check prints on everything. Bright gingham checks are preferred by some designers, whereas others have opted for shopping-bag checks.

Pastel Power Suits

Pastel colors complement summers, this is an open secret. However, Americans dress more for comfort than appearance, and thus show less concern about an outfit’s color when it’s comfortable. Thus, power suits are less common in the US than Europe. Pastel power suits are a perfect combination of sexy and strong, because who said feminine looks must be expressed through tight skirts, plunging necklines, and crop tops.  

Puff Sleeves

This is something Americans should try this summer especially when attending a party or any other event where they need to look glamorous. A classic shirt or blouse with puffed sleeves can be paired with tight bottoms like pencil skirts or straight leg trousers to make a style statement. 

Floral Printed Midi Dress 

Let us tempt you to try out Europe’s most wearable trend. Floral printed midi dresses are just perfect to elevate your everyday style quotient. What’s better way to work the trend than wearing this midi dress? If you want something comfy and stylish, then you should go with floral printed midi dresses.



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