Outfit Ideas For More Than One Occasion

Slip Dress!

If you were blessed with a shape made for a bodycon dress, then go for it. But keep in mind that slip dresses are way easier to wear out and about. Styling options are endless: wear it with a light sweater underneath, or throw a chunky cardigan over; have fun with tights (with glitter or not), bomber or denim jackets, long coatsor short. The beauty of a slip dress is that it has laid-back cool to it and you have to put zero effort in figuring out how to stay warm and sane looking. Bonus points: with the right accessories can be worn to a great deal of events!


Sheer Fabric!

We tend to fall under an assumption that winter requires thick fabric for a dress when there are so many more options with a sheer piece. Ankle length laced skirt over a cropped black pant or with a long, knitted sweater is a great attention grabber. Let your imagination run wild with sheer outfits, mixing and matching with simpler blouses and tops. Throw a see-through dress over your simple go-to t-shirt and a pair of jeans and you are good to go to any affair, looking fabulous but most importantly, comfortable!


Quirky Pieces!

Simple cocktail dresses will always hold a tender spot in our hearts and closets, but winter parties are a great reason to step out of a comfort zone. It is alright to be afraid of a purchase that is just a one-time deal, and so again our eyes lay down on a black dress. But why does it have to be a dress at all? Why not go for an eccentric piece instead? In order to do that, do your wardrobe research first. Dive in in the back of your treasures and lay out all the pieces that can compliment a quirky buy. Settle on something that you know you have many options to. Now without fear you can definitely settle for a one-shoulder blouse, a structured top or an asymmetrical skirt. 

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Masha Nova, Artist/Writer, Milan based


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