September Covers Across The Ocean

September has always been an exciting month in fashion, between global Fashion Week runway shows, new brand collaborations and new launches to look forward to. September issues are notably thicker and packed with trends for cooler days. No matter how popular online media continues to be, we still love flipping through glossy pages and getting inspired by our favorite fashion magazines. Below are some of our favorite worldwide magazine covers of the season.


Vogue Italia is drawing a lot of attention with three different covers this month. Dubbed Bacio, it features models embracing and kissing each other. On one cover, Victoria’s Secret darling Lily Aldridge and Vittoria Ceretti share an amicable kiss that feels like a celebration of a female friendship. On another, Maria Carla Boscono, mostly known for her gothic Givenchy campaigns, passionately embraces Federico Spinas. On the third cover, couple Edourado Velicskov and Pablo Rousson kiss in a visual statement supporting a LBTQ rights. The legacy of provocative and boundary pushing former editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani, who sadly passed away, is carried through the issue gracefully.


British Vogue’s cover is an exciting study in the fashion industry’s timeline, celebrating models from past, present and future. They’ve received criticism for their mostly all-white cast, featuring only one woman of color: Nora Attal. Global editions of Harper’s Bazaar give more hope for a diverse future in fashion by casting an international set of models. They’ve also blended fashion with music personalities like Courtney Love and TheWeeknd.


Dansk is honouring 15 years by merging collage and photography, profiling both males and females on several celebratory covers.


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