3 Fall Trends European Women are Already Wearing

It gets a little easier to let go of summer when there’s something to look forward to… and that something is fall. Think of September as a less cold New Year’s Eve, and a chance to get excited about layering and dressing up. While Fashion Month is in its chaotic swirl and already dictating what to buy, try not to give into consumerism culture. Investing in contemporary, unique designer pieces is key. Take a hint from European women: they find the silver lining between trend awareness and lasting style, and shop they shop accordingly. Here are three key fall trends that women across the pond have already begun strutting the streets with.


(1) Outwear that Stands Out


When it comes to warmer clothing, opting for uncomplicated pieces seems like the easiest way to go. Usually, the rule is simple, sleek and black (also, black). Outerwear is something you’ll be wearing daily, so naturally it feels good to have something versatile that goes with everything. Amusingly enough, in the face of our obsession with minimalist outer layers, it seems the bold, unforgettable styles are the ones that look timeless. Cozy cardigans and oversized pieces in pastel colours, as seen on street style muses in Milan, might inspire you to give a louder piece a try.


(2) Soft Tailored Separates


Once you’ve spent enough time navigating the high fashion scene, you’ll inevitably come to the realisation that loose cut clothing unintentionally creates a seductive and alluring look. As tempting as sharply contoured styles are, remember that soft tailored pieces can be a win for every figure. If the piece is tailored just right, tick off both boxes: effortless-chic and pulled together. Think straight midi skirts, loose shirts (or dress shirts) and an organza blouse with volume. This trend flies both in the office and on weekends.


(3) Go a Little Wild


You can’t always rock a wild look in the office, but nights and weekends are yours for the taking. Prime your leisure look with unexpected prints and when it’s time to head to the office, choose chic, surprising details. Expressing yourself through your wardrobe and keeping your boss happy just got easier.


Written by:

Masha Nova, Artist/Writer, Milan based


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